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Since 2002, Ten Tiny Dances has been produced in some of Portland's most interesting and trend-setting restaurants. Whether amid the casual summer warmth on the deck at Bernie's Southern Bistro, the modern elegance of The Pearl District's Bluehour, or the urban hip of the east bank's clarklewis, Ten Tiny audiences and artists have enjoyed a variety of hosting venues.

Each location has added it's own personality, atmosphere, and great food and drink to the tiny experience. This has been true as well at five occurrences of PICA's TBA Festival, during which Ten Tiny has been a late night draw of close to 400 people and featured guest artists such as Eiko & Koma, Bebe Miller, Julie Atlas Muz and Nature Theater of Oklahoma.

Ten Tiny Dances at TBA 07, 08, and 09 were gigantic! The events have drawn the largest audiences of the festival, over 500 people each time who enjoyed Ten Tiny's particular mix of divers performance art. These have included Hand 2 Mouth's rousing Karaoke version of Elton John's Tiny Dancer, Sojourn Theater's cake smashing wedding dance, Randee Paufve's poignant clarity, and pieces which had pounds of sugar, a swing, a rope, snow, and a box of popsicles dropping out of the ceiling. Ten Tiny continues to provide a venue for witnessing the effect of constraint on the creative process. The challenge of the space continues to lead to diverse and exciting evenings of dance theater.

Be on the look out for more tiny dance experiences!

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