Upcoming Tiny Dances

An experiment in confined space, Ten Tiny Dances is dedicated to fostering inventive dance / performance art and providing an exhilarating performance experience for a diverse audience.

Each of these upcoming installments of Ten Tiny Dances are unique as artists and presenting organizations confront and creatively respond to the challenges and rewards of the tiny 4x4-foot stage.

First up: Following several iterations at The CounterCurrent Festival in Houston, Texas,Ten Tiny Dances will be part of the festival once again on April 11, 2018.

Next up on April 14, 2018: Ten Tiny Dances makes it's Corvallis, Oregon debut at the beautiful Majestic Theatre, while back east in Columbus, Ohio TTD returns for the third year -- this time to The Garden Theater.

And finally: For the tenth year in a row (!) Ten Tiny Dances returns to Beaverton, Oregon, on July 14, 2018, supported by the City of Beaverton through the Beaverton Arts Commission.

Ten Tiny challenges artists to collapse known vocabulary as well as to make new material that responds to the possibilities of the space. Watch them rise to the challenge and opportunity of a mere 16 square feet!

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