Tiny Press

>> South Waterfront Invasion, Oregonian, 8/3/2008

>> Out of the Frying Pan..., UltraPDX, 6/29/2006

>> Cabaret of "Ten Tiny Dances" , Oregonian, 3/20/2006

>> The Smallest Dance on Earth, Willamette Week, 2/16/2005

>> Ten Tiny Dances/8, The Oregonian, 2/18/2005

>> Dancers Doing Drama, 10 Tiny Dances, TBA Blog, 9/10/2004

>> Expansively Tiny, TBA Blog, 9/10/2004

>> Plugged In Observed Tiny Dances Big Vision, The Oregonian, 12/26/2003

>> Ten Tiny Dances Packs a lot of Movement, The Oregonian, 4/4/2003

>> The New Scientists, Willamette Week, 2/19/2003

>> Potent and Idiosyncratic Dances on the Deck at Bernie's
The Oregonian, 4/16/2002
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